PNX - Private News Exchange

PNX is a group of loosely related friends who are all running their own private nntp servers, and peering a small subset of news hierarchies fed by friendly external feeds. The general policy is: no spam, no binaries.

Talk to us on #pnx or at

Latest news


Welcome to Gustaf Thorslund who runs


Salvaged the newsgroups files in the Files-section from


A lot of the information is out-of-date, because it was retrieved from's copy from 2004. Please send what to change (or patches against this file; the format should be self-explanatory) to Thanks!


PNX website resurrected. Hooray!


Welcome to Jacob Sparre Andersen, running, and Ivar Madsen, running


Welcome to Jes Vestervang and  Royal Flof is peering dk.*, gnu.* and sslug.* with


Resistance was futile — ecolnet has now successfully been assimilated by PNX!


PNX is now proudly peering gnu.*, linux.* and es.comp.os.linux.* with the Spanish network ecolnet. We feel this in an important step towards world domination! Are there other such groups in Europe or elsewhere?

2003-01-28 is now peering the scandinavian hierarchies with

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